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Available after hours till 10pm, 7 days a week

Padlocks and Chains

Padlocks and chains are a straightforward yet highly effective way of helping to ensure the security of just about anything, from buildings and other premises, to locking up a bike, to preventing access to your power meter, to securing a gate, and more.

A security chain and padlock combination gives an added layer of protection in all types of situations, and is a highly versatile way of meeting your security requirements at home, or anywhere you need additional security today.

The ideal heavy duty security chain for a bike lock, gate or motorcycle lock

Our security chain range features chains manufactured from hardened steel and which are designed to be able to withstand attempts to attack or cut through them with bolt cutters.

This means our products can be used in a variety of applications where security is at a premium, such as locking up a motorbike, as a bike lock, securing a gate, or protecting another access point to your property.

We can supply a range of sizes (measured in mm), and you can order our security chain products by the metre, if required.

Match your security chain with a heavy duty padlock

You can also add a high quality hardened steel padlock or a brass padlock to your security chain, and create the perfect combination of products that will protect both your goods and your property.

In addition, our extensive padlock range and selection of security products means that you can choose between padlocks that are keyed alike, or keyed to differ, to suit your specific requirements.

We provide padlocks to suit all locations

At Marion Locksmiths Adelaide, you can order from a wide range of padlocks in a variety of sizes.

Made in hardened steel by leading manufacturers, including ABUS, Lockwood and Brava, our padlock products range is very versatile, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

An added benefit is that if the perfect padlock for your requirements isn't available in a keyed alike set, we can can change the combination so that every padlock can be opened using a single key.

Check out our extensive padlock range

We stock an extensive range of brass and hardened steel padlocks that can be combined with a security chain to provide a powerful layer of protection.

Our padlock selection includes combination padlocks, discus padlocks, closed shackle padlocks, travel padlocks, and more.

You can order from us the best brands available on the market today, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that our security products meet our customers' needs and provide genuine value for money.

Utility locks for added home security

We are authorised to be able to install a utility lock on your SA Power Networks meter box, on a gate, or on another access point.

These products are designed specifically to help ensure the security of your meter box, meaning that your power supply can't be tampered with by unauthorised people, but your meter is still able to be read by your energy provider, when required.

Talk to Marion Locksmiths Adelaide for padlocks, chains and other security products

No matter your needs, we can provide padlocks, chains and more in any combination, as well as a host of other security products, including door locks, window locks and deadlocks.

So many people choose Marion Locksmiths Adelaide because we have been in the industry for almost thirty years, and can offer a range of chain and padlock products that other Adelaide locksmiths can't match, making it easier for our customers to find the perfect solution for all applications.

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