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Key Safes Adelaide

Key safes provide you with added security by helping to store and keep keys safe at home and elsewhere.

At Marion Locksmiths Adelaide, we install safes Adelaide business and home owners can rely on to keep keys safe and secure, but which they can nevertheless easily access when required.

A key safe provides peace of mind

A key safe is also a straightforward way for older people or those with disabilities to provide police and emergency services with quick access in situations when time is of the essence.

We can provide safes that are bolted to the wall, as well as portable padlock models, with the option of push buttons or rotating dials.

Both versions of safe that we offer are highly secure, while still enabling to you to change the combination at any time. In this way, our high quality safes provide you with great flexibility as to how you safeguard your keys.

Specialists in the installation of safes Adelaide wide

Key safes enable you to secure your keys and other small items of value. They prevent theft, and enable you to access your property should a key become lost or misplaced.

In addition, a key safe will assist friends, family or police to gain easy access your property in an emergency, or if you are away from home.

Safes offer convenience and added security

A safe also gives the option of being able to let tradies, cleaners or other trusted people doing jobs for you into your home when you are absent.

Importantly, once they no longer need to be able to get in, you can simply change the master combination and your they will once more be entirely safe and no longer accessible.

Strength and durability

A key benefit of the range of Adelaide safes we provide is that they are not only compact, but also extremely strong, durable and designed to prevent theft.

Constructed from high quality steel and with a long lasting paint finish, you can choose a safe in a range of sizes to suit the location and the number of keys you need to store.

Fire rated safes

At Marion Locksmiths Adelaide, we also undertake the supply and installation of fire rated safes, designed to keep documents and other valuable items safe in the event of a emergency.

Our range includes the leading Diplomat brand, manufactured using the latest Swiss technology and designed so that installation is straightforward anywhere in your home or other Adelaide premises.

Fire safes are available in a range of sizes, and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your domestic and commercial needs. Fitted with a digital key pad, the Diplomat brand of safe does not come with an override key for additional protection, and this is why they are the safes Adelaide home and business owners choose so often.

Contact our team of licensed locksmiths In Adelaide to find out more about our full range of safes and locks, as well as the repairs service we offer when locks are damaged.

Licensed Adelaide locksmiths

Contact Marion Locksmiths Adelaide wherever you're located in South Australia if you want to find out more about protecting your property and the extra layer of security a safe can offer.

Talk to us about the type of safe we can provide and install to suit your key storage needs, as well as the best location of your safe so that access can be gained easily when required.

We stock high quality safes produced by leading names in the security industry in Australia, and so once you install a safe, you can have peace of mind that are you are protecting your home while at the same time facilitating access for others, such as police or emergency services, when it is most urgently required.

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