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Access Control Systems Adelaide

At Marion Locksmiths Adelaide, we are specialists in the supply and installation of access control systems and digital door locks for domestic, retail, commercial or industrial properties in Adelaide.

We can add new door locking systems to existing access control set ups, as well as being able to advise you on the most appropriate and efficient control systems for your commercial property, warehouse, shop, or any premises where being able to restrict access in some circumstances is essential to operational security.

How access control systems work

An access control system enables multiple users to have access to a property, while still enabling overall control as to how individual permissions are managed.

Using a central computer, it is easy to implement easily altered access permissions that determine the degree and extent of access to which an individual user is entitled.

This sort of electronic access control security system, which enables users to grant or restrict access digitally, is especially useful in a remote location, where being able to monitor the entire site 24/7 hours a day is potentially costly and does not deliver value for money.

Electronic door locking systems, therefore, are a cost effective alternative that nevertheless still deliver high levels of security at all times.

The benefits of an access control system

Installing an access control system enables you to set up an electronic key system without the need for extensive rewiring of your entire site.

Putting an access control system plan in place is also a relatively straightforward procedure, in that the entire lock on each door or window does not need to be replaced, only the lock cylinder. This reduces costs and limits downtime.

Once in place, any user's access permissions (granted via their access control key) can be changed remotely, ensuring greater flexibility and giving operators the ability to alter access at very short notice if necessary.

Why it is easy to manage an access control system

The management of our access control systems is relatively straightforward, with one of the most important features being the ease with which the access granted to individual user keys can be changed from a central computer.

Marion Locksmith Adelaide — Your Access Control Systems Adelaide Specialists

Our extensive experience in the security industry means we have unrivalled expertise when it comes to the installation and setting up of electronic access control systems.

In addition, we are able to maintain access control systems on behalf of our customers to ensure that property and premises are being properly protected around the clock.

We can deliver business and site solutions customised to your precise specifications, implementing a lock and key system that is fit for purpose, given your location and operations.

Find out more about our full range of Adelaide access control systems

We install and supply access control systems from a variety of major brands, and so can ensure you benefit from the most up-to-date security system technology.

Our specialist team devise access solutions for all types and sizes of premises, so whether it's just one entrance or an entire site that you want to protect, our experienced team can advise you at every stage of the process.

We also offer mechanical locking system supply and installation as well.

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